Conceptuality is a tricky thing to grasp given the grasping and the alleged grasper are also concepts, cascading endlessly down from any given starting point to wherever you think to take it.

Wei Wu Wei

Any seemingly implied recommendation to follow links and imagine that the author considers the content found there to be anything in particular is surely something purely confined to your mind.

Ramana Maharshi

I could explain how I came to be fond of some of the content associated with these links, but who cares? If it resonates with you, that's cool.

Vasistha's Yoga

It hit me fast and in the mentally knee-buckling way important realizations tend to around the craps table. Namely, these nutcases surrounding this nutcase, all seemingly weird and foreign to each other, are exactly only the stuff of reflection.

Ashtavakra Gita

Wed, May 08, 2013 9:06:37 PM


Seeing the ends and the spectrum

It's not that apparently acting from an individual free-willed self entity is wrong. It's that there is an inescapable range of implications to that concept. Distance, separation, loneliness are implied, and with them other flip side phenomena like fear, jealousy, and all the rest. Every emperor must have its subjects.

It's pretty simple. That role can be played, but only to the hilt.

The question is, is playing that role necessary? Why not rest in the peace of infinite potential than in the bondage of one possibility?

Archives seem pretentious to me, but I'll try a form thereof below, just letting this page swell. I need these reminders, you see, and it's handy to have them in one place.

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It's not really what I want to do, but those still attached to the notion of their individuality as thing in itself might be disappointed if this site suddenly became so radical as to no longer present the likes of the gdbeatles, or more personal works such as jethrick's greatest hits or miscellaneous sounds. So, such will persist for a while, until the burden of the hypocrisy becomes too great, or the alleged author finally fully real- izes just how ridiculous such concerns with respect to the representational plane truly are.

I understand how people want to keep pushing the software envelope. But as for me, except for whatever is necessary to handle the occasional video or music link, I'm fine with little more than a bash shell, gnu screen, the vi editor, and the elinks text browser. The "little more" would be the obvious like unix basics, telnet, ftp, wget, and lua. Perl is nice, but is generally vast overkill compared to lua.

Then again, CSS can be pretty fun....

Just who do you think you are?

Thoughts are about.

What "you" is there other than thoughts about "you"?

Can these be said to be yours - i.e. the possession of "you" - when "you" are nothing but thoughts about "you"?"

It would seem that the presence of thoughts about a you is all you are.


On the inside looking out once again

Conceptuality seemingly generates an "about" world, a description, a story, which itself is merely a shadow, a reflection. This makes sense because from another point of view it is reflection.

Part of the story is the observer of it, which is also placed in the description.

But then it's said to be more than a shadow, reflection, etc. And the saying so makes it so.

Such is the power of this which we are!

Unhide and go unseek

The answer all along has been that seeking the answer implies a seeking entity that is without the answer, so that such seeking is non-different from absence of the answer, and thus is the answer the absence of seeking.

As the kingdom of heaven is within, the kingdom of hell, aka the world, is without - in every sense of the word.